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BALIPROD: TXT’s Latest Music Video Filmed in Bali

Bali, the island of gods, has once again proven to be a popular destination for music video productions. The latest music video to be shot in Bali is none other than TXT’s latest hit Sugar Rush Ride, which has been trending on Twitter for their upcoming music video.

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BALIPROD Produced 18 Films for Prime Video in 3 Markets within 2 Weeks: Their Method

Baliprod is a team that doesn’t shy away from a challenge, and they’ve just produced 18 films for Prime Video in just 2 weeks, in 3 different markets (Amazon Prime Indonesia, Amazon Prime Philippines, and Thailand)

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Legal Legends Indonesia’s 3rd Office Opens in Finns Recreation Club

Legal Legends Indonesia (LLI) is thrilled to announce the opening of its third office, located in the heart of Finn’s Recreation Club. This expansion marks a significant milestone for LLI as they continue to grow in Indonesia

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Odd One Out Lab donates $160K to Charities

Kosong Satu Group is proud to announce a $160,000 donation to charity partners through one of our brands – Odd One Out Labs. This donation was made through the support of The Humanians, a socially conscious NFT collection that aims to bring awareness to the growing mental health issue of Body Dysmorphia

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