Bali Accounting is an expert team of accountancy and tax consultants based in Bali, Indonesia

Bali Accounting is an expert team of accountancy and tax consultants based in Bali, Indonesia. We understand that accounting and tax can be complicated. Our Bali Accounting team works hard to put you at ease and provide accounting and tax services you can rely on and trust. We provide financial professional services, including bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, tax solutions and financial consultancy. All of our services have a cost effective value, meeting all your business needs under one roof.

Hassle-Free Accounting and Tax Services

Bali Accounting works across a wide range of businesses in Bali, Indonesia. Our accounting services include dedicated, qualified, professional accountants who will get to know your business and work closely with you to provide the best legitimate tax and accountancy solutions.

Bali Accounting provides affordable, reliable and friendly accounting and tax solutions to sole-traders, small, medium and large businesses. Our team comprises experienced accountants and qualified professionals who have global experience.

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Do You Own A Business In Indonesia? Here’re 3 Key Reasons Why You Should Invest In External Bookkeepers

As a business owner, you are highly aware of the cruciality of keeping a clean track record of all your accounting. Numbers can make or break your business. Here we will tell why hiring internal bookkeepers might not be the best option for your business.

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Withholding Tax – Indonesia

Tax in Indonesia is based on a self-assessment system combined with a withholding tax regulation by the Indonesian government. Income tax is collected through withholding taxes. The taxpayer must withhold and submit the correct legal taxes to the Indonesian tax offices on a monthly basis.

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Taxes in Indonesia

There are a variety of taxes in Indonesia that both Indonesian based companies and individuals earning money in Indonesia must comply with. This includes corporate income tax, individual income tax, withholding taxes, value-added tax (VAT), luxury-goods sales tax, and property tax. We will break down each type of tax and how to register them.


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