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Balishoot is a Bali based video and photo production company.

One of the unique qualities that makes Balishoot stand out from the competition, is we work together with brands, as a partner, offering epic, high quality and consistent visual content.

Balishoot not only coordinates photography, videography, but also motion design, post production, styling, hair & make-up, casting, and any additional production staffing needs for all genres of photo and video shoots.

We care about the clients end goal, and will offer any creative advice or input wherever needed.

Balishoot can organize any kind of video or photo production shoot for Fashion, Product, Food & Restaurant, Villa & Hotel, Corporate, Sport, Event, Short Films, and more.


Video & Photo production in Bali

Balishoot is a Bali based full service production company offering services in Photography, Videography, Motion Design, Post Production, Styling, Hair & Make-Up, Casting and any production staffing you need for your photo or video shoot.

We can organise any kind of video or photo production shoot for Fashion, Villa & Hotel, Food, Event, Corporate, Product, Underwater, Sport and more.

Balishoot is part of Kosong Satu Group together with Baliprod and Bali Model Agency

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