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Transform your fashion brand with beautiful, high converting eCommerce images and video.

Sit back as your product samples are collected from your door, photographed to your requirements, and returned before you know it.


Create Beautiful, High Converting
Fashion Product Images and video.
From Start to Finish in just a Few Clicks

Haven’t you just wanted the internet to give you all the solutions for life? I’m pretty sure you have been looking for a better, easier and faster way to get your fashion collections photographed, formatted, edited and selling on your webstore or wholesale catalogue.

Getting all of your eCommerce fashion photography and video needs produced in 1 place with just a few mouse clicks. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it?

Having spent countless hours experiencing the pain and frustration of producing apparel imagery efficiently and consistently, founders Gawain Blizzard, Omri Ben-Canaan and Josh Patil conceived of and launched StudioDrop in early 2020. With the objective to revolutionise an industry they seamlessly merged the traditional fashion model agency with large scale studio production capacity into a simple online click-and-buy solution.

StudioDrop has the resources and expertise to produce consistent, high-quality and on trend eCommerce and catalogue photography and media. A painless, cost effective, well styled and expertly produced solution that looks great and sells fashion apparel.

Latest From Studiodrop

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An Ecommerce Case Study | Studiodrop X Sans Faff

Founded in Singapore by Brandy Dallas, SANS FAFF stands for conscious consumption, simplicity in design and doing more with less. As a minimalist womenswear label they are focused on producing limited pieces at limited quantities – to preserve resources and avoid waste. They say no to plastic and unnecessary waste and always think sustainability – first.

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How to Write Google Friendly eCommerce Product Descriptions : 9 expert tips (+ 1 bonus tip!)

It’s hard to overstate the importance of a well-written product description, especially in the fashion apparel where they are so needed. And yet, most product descriptions are swept under the rug. Most product descriptions are dull or poorly written —overlooked as brands fixate on other parts of their product pages, like product photos and reviews.

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StudioDrop vs. eCommerce Fashion Shoot

While you may have done your research into e-Commerce photoshoots, it can still be tricky to actually know what it takes to create successful, high-converting fashion brand images and content. In the age of digitalization, having a strong, attractive eCommerce website and solid social media presence for your fashion brand is EVERYTHING, and the competition is fierce.

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Shoppable and Product Videos: Everything You Need to Know

Brand content videos, specifically shoppable and product videos, are the future of e-Commerce product sales. If you are building your brand, generating a pipeline of loyal customers, it’s a fact that when you connect to your audience through video, you will get stellar results.

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What Are Fashion Styleguides? And How To Use Them For Maximum Success.

When it comes to developing a quality brand experience, it is all about consistency. To be successful you need to be creatively consistent, forever evolving but always staying true to your fundamentals. For this exact reason, an image StyleGuide (as part of a broader brandbook) is essential in keeping images consistent and ontrend. The StyleGuide sets out the precise parameters that govern your online visual merchandising making it clear to everyone what is onbrand and what is not. Ensuring your fashion collections always looks great.

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Safety Guidelines During The Covid - 19 Pandemic

At StudioDrop we have implemented various protocols and procedures in order to ensure the safety of all cast and crew in our photographic studios. In the infographic below, you will see all the measures we follow to ensure no one is put at risk and we help stop the spread of Covid-19. Please share this or if you need any more details please let us know.


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