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Need To Rent FilmingEquipment For Your Shoot?

Bali Film Gear Rental launched in 2020, our rental house bridges the gap that has always been missing here in Bali, professional & cinema-grade filming gear available on the island of Bali, at an affordable rate.

Gone are the days of having to import all of your film gear from Jakarta. With the crew, flights, and accommodations, those prices can add up fast and can surpass any project’s budget.

We have imported the best gear from around the world including Arri Alexa Mini, lenses, Arri Sky Panels, monitors, drones, transmission systems and more!

Bali film Gear Rental is not only an equipment rental house. With Baliprod at its side, we have a technical crew and experienced operators available for hire as well!


Owned and operated by Filmmakers for Filmmakers

Bali Film Gear has the support of our sister companies and can assist you with many aspects of your upcoming production. Baliprod can offer production support and logistic services. Bali Model Agency can provide you with the perfect talent to fit the bill. Balishoot can assist you with the right creatives to capture your stills and motion content.

All of us here at Bali Film Gear know the pressures of being on set, and we work to make sure you are always getting the latest and greatest cameras, lenses, and accessories, at the best rental prices. Anywhere.

We work hard to give you the right tools and professional knowledge so you can film your next project confidently to WOW your client. We want your shoot to succeed, and to be as budget friendly as possible.

We will help you choose the right gear based on your project’s needs, assist during your prep to make sure everything is working as intended, and more.

We love our gear, and maintain it with love. You can relax knowing that the equipment you find here won’t be all worn out or beat up. Whether you prep and pick it up yourself, or we prep it and ship it out to your set, you will get the best support we can offer.

Latest From Bali Film Gear

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Drones For Rent

Want to capture stunning aerial footage in any environment?

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Zcam E2 Package For Rent

We can provide a complete Zcam E2 package including 1st Camera Assistant.

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Arri Alexa Mini By Charlie Balch

Production quality in Bali has been increasing greatly, and so has the scope of the equipment that is available. Until now, there have only been a few Alexa Mini cameras in Indonesia which are based in Jakarta. To meet the demand, Bali Film Gear Rental has brought on the top of the line camera in modern cinematography – the ARRI Alexa Mini – to further improve the quality of productions shot in Bali.


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