BALIPROD: TXT’s Latest Music Video Filmed in Bali

BALIPROD: TXT's Latest Music Video Filmed in Bali

Bali, the Island of Gods, has once again proven to be a popular destination for music video productions. The latest music video shot in Bali is none other than TXT’s latest hit Sugar Rush Ride, which has reached over 100M views on Youtube the first 2 weeks!

Released on January 27th, 2023, this music video has already created a buzz among fans and music lovers alike. The reason for this hype is not only because of the highly-anticipated release of TXT’s new single but also because of the stunning location where the video was filmed.

Baliprod had the privilege of filming the music video in two of Bali’s most beautiful locations – Savana Tianyar and Bedugul Botanical Garden. These locations offered the perfect backdrop for the music video, providing a natural and stunning setting that perfectly complements the song’s vibe.

baliprod txt

The Baliprod team worked tirelessly to capture the magic of these locations and bring the song’s message to life. From scouting locations to coordinating with the band, the process was a challenging but rewarding one.

txt baliprod

As a production company, Baliprod Films is humbled by the opportunity to have worked on such a high-profile project and proud to have been a part of bringing TXT’s music to life in such a beautiful way. 

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Great jobs!!!