BALIPROD Produced 18 Films for Prime Video in 3 Markets within 2 Weeks: Their Method

BALIPROD Produced 18 Films for Prime Video in 3 Markets within 2 Weeks: Their Method

Baliprod is a team that doesn’t shy away from a challenge, and they’ve just produced 18 films for Prime Video in just 2 weeks, in 3 different markets (Amazon Prime Indonesia, Amazon Prime Philippines, and Thailand)

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With the visionary direction of Director Ray Pakpahan and the expert guidance of Executive Producer Josh Patil, Baliprod was able to revolutionize the production process by utilizing live-stream technology, making the impossible, a reality.

The film production was based in Jakarta, where Baliprod utilized four different sets to bring the films to life. Featuring Indonesian actor Dustin Tiffani for Prime Video Indonesia, Mimiyuuuh for Prime Video Philippines, and Pae Arak for Prime Video Thailand, showcasing the diversity of their talent and the different markets Baliprod served.

1. Organization and Planning

Baliprod had a solid game plan and divided its team into smaller groups to tackle different aspects of the production process, allowing Baliprod to work simultaneously across multiple locations and markets. Flexibility and quick thinking were key, as they had to adapt to the unexpected and find solutions when things didn’t go as planned. Baliprod’s team of experts shone in these situations.

2. Challenge and Obstacle

Baliprod had a clear communication plan in place for coordinating between different teams and locations. They also were prepared for unexpected changes in schedule or weather with a contingency plan and a team that could adapt quickly. These challenges tested Baliprod’s team’s ability to adapt and think creatively, and they passed with flying colors.

3. High-Quality Production

Working at such a fast pace can often lead to cutting corners when it comes to quality, but that was not the case for Baliprod’s team. Baliprod made sure that all 18 films met the high standards required for Prime Video. This was achieved by having a clear vision and a strong team that was able to work efficiently and effectively to meet tight deadlines. This helped them to stay focused and to keep quality at the forefront of their minds throughout the production process.

4. Budget

They managed the budgets for 18 films by being smart and efficient with their resources. Baliprod’s team set clear financial goals, negotiated with vendors, used technology and equipment efficiently, and creatively sourced equipment and props. They also closely monitored expenses, made adjustments as needed, and used local resources in the different markets. Despite the daunting task, they thrived under pressure and accomplished the project on time and within budget.

So, there you have it!
A behind-the-scenes look at how BALIPROD produced 18 films for Prime Video in just 2 weeks, in 3 different markets. It’s not for the faint of heart, but if you’re ready to take on a challenge and produce some kickass content, then they welcome you to the fast-paced world of film production.

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